Early Summer '22
The Blue Poppies have multiplied in the borders

 Welcome to our early Summer diary, and whilst it is unbelievable to think we are now into June, it is amazing how quickly the time goes once the Hotel re-opens and we welcome old friends and new back to Howtown.

I am sure everyone enjoyed their local Jubilee celebrations. It was celebrated in great style in Martindale where a feast was shared in the early evening of the 2nd June and a toast to the Queen proposed. Over 40  residents of the parish met at the Bobbin Mill for a ‘bring and share’ supper with a number braving the winds and rain to make their way up to the top of Hallin Fell.

The Church bell of Martindale ‘New’ Church was rang 70 times to mark the Queen’s 70-year reign.  As Trifle was desert of the celebrations it was very much enjoyed by the community then carefully despatched by quad bike for those on Hallin to savour and enjoy –  thank you to Sean for the  careful transportation to the top of Hallin – especially as the weather did turn and the heavens opened.

Bees are back at Howtown – this is so exciting . Bees were first introduced by our late friend Eddie Kay. The hive was empty for some time until Lucy showed an interest.  Lucy, who moved to Cumbria in early 2022 works for an international urban beekeeping company called Alvéole; who have beehives on rooftops in 37+ cities in North America & Europe that serve as educational opportunities to connect people in urban environments to nature.

With the support of The Penrith Beekeepers Association and the Howtown Hive, Lucy now manages her own hives in Cumbria -  We look forward to more photos and updates from Lucy as the year progresses - you never know she may even educate us all in the ways of bees a little more !

The Howtown Garden is really looking luscious, nicely showing off an abundance of plants – this year  our own Blue Poppies have  really  multiplied  and look stunning against the backdrop of the fells. 

Early Summer is a beautiful time throughout the Lake District and of course we think particularly beautiful in our valley of Martindale. It is a time of shadows, sunshine, haze and rainbows. With the Lake changing minute by minute as the clouds sweep across the sky. 

We hope you enjoy reading about the happenings in our quiet corner of The Lake District, we feel privileged to be able to share news and views of our beautiful surroundings with you and look forward to welcoming you over the coming months.

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