2022 Season Almost Upon Us

The 2022 season is almost upon us and I am very pleased to say that Howtown is looking beautiful. Scores of daffodils provide a spectacular welcome as you turn up the drive to the Hotel and the magnolia at the entrance  is about to burst into flower – let’s hope any late frost doesn’t nip them in their prime. 

We have been lucky with our Spring weather so far, although the forecast is showing a possibility of snow in the next week or so. Although in general , the weather has been mild and pleasant, the only exception being the  February storm which brought a conifer down, narrowly missing the (unoccupied) Walker’s Bar.  

Clearing this huge conifer was a major task but with the help of a local professional tree surgeon, working alongside our own team, the area has been tidied, the logs chopped and now piled away in our store, all ready to be used on the hotel fires welcoming you to the 2022 season. 

Colin has been as busy as ever and is ready to inspire our diners with his fabulous selection of seasonal dishes and dessert delights. As always, winter enables him to replenish our chutney supplies with the addition of  interesting new ingredients whilst always paying homage to  the old recipes of Howtown. Mrs B always takes a keen interest in the kitchen and has been at Colin’s side offering her knowledge and advice which comes from years of creating the chutneys herself.

This years’ marmalade is we think, exceptional and has been a staple on toast since it was made – we look forward to sharing this through our 2022 season.    Jars of chutney and marmalade will be available in the tea-room  to ensure our guests can return home with supplies to share with friends and family.

It is always very rewarding to welcome back staff from previous years, lovely also for our regular guests to catch up with them and hear about their travels, their studies and just what they have been up to in the closed season. The staff have already started to arrive and  their this really marks the start of the season here for us. 

We are happy to report  that Ullswater Steamers will be making scheduled trips to and from Howtown this year.  With the pier only a minutes’ walk from the Hotel, spending the day on the water is the perfect day way to enjoy completely different views of the mountains and valleys that surround Ullswater without ever having to get into your car.

For timetables and prices visit the Ullswater Steamers website on https://www.ullswater-steamers.co.uk/plan-your-visit/timetable-and-fares

So, as we approach our re-opening, we look forward to the sound of the new-born lambs in the fields and the emergence of thousands of naturalised bluebells, as they turn the fells from green to rivers of blue in the valleys of Martindale.    As always, we look forward to welcoming old friends and new to our quiet side of Lake Ullswater  where relaxation is key, and the world seems to slow as the lake laps the shores of our beautiful valley.