Merry Christmas From Us to You

Never before has our season started on the 1st August  so closing on the lst November seemed just a bit too early as we were just getting into our stride.   Once we got The Covid restrictions in place however, Howtown was able offer a safe haven, with  visitors enjoying the surroundings and all the staff doing their best  to make our visitors’ stay as nice and memorable as ever.     Accommodating social distancing and the changing in rules was not always easy but in the main, our guests enjoyed the simple comfort, courtesy and quality that Howtown and our quiet side of Ullswater offers.

This year, the stay of one of our regular family guests, was made even more special by the arrival of a delightful baby Girl – of course this is great news for Howtown as  well as this will confirm future visits and us able to welcome the 4th generation of this family to stay with us !!  Although,  I must point out that the birth took place safely and happily at the local maternity ward, no Baldry intervention required!

Mrs B has spent the last few weeks acclimatising  herself in the Dining Room – going to the larger space with that lovely view is no real hardship, I just have to call at the right time for that coffee so I can  get snippets of information to share with you.    And whilst Mrs B has been keeping herself busy,   David has taken it  upon  himself to organise/clean out/sort out  ” the Office” – those of you who have visited Howtown previously and may have knocked and put your head round the office door, will no doubt know that this is no mean feat! Hopefully he will have finished by the time the new season comes around!   And please do not worry, we are confident that by the time the Hotel re-opens many of us will not even notice !!

The end of the season always brings with it a slight dip in spirits as the last of our guests depart and the hotel staff leave to go back to their own homes, so, it was lovely to receive a letter from an American friend of ours. He tells how in these past months he and his family have spent time ‘hunkering down’ reading the diary and exploring the gallery on the hotel website rekindling fond memories of Hallin Fell and the red deer of Fusedale, the gardens, the views and having tea on the lawn.  – great feedback for us, and  so gratifying to see just how our news is received and appreciated – Thank you for that!

It just shows that even though technology is not at the forefront of our thinking here at Howtown it has been able to connect us with others who although unable to visit in the past year still like to hear news of the Hotel and its’ happenings.

So we look  forward to 2021 with optimism and can assure you that when we open our doors in March it will be with the same degree of hospitality, warmness and character that is, and has always been, Howtown - We  look forward to welcoming you back!

With best wishes for a very Merry Christmas from all at Howtown


The Hotel and Tearoom will reopen in March 2021.

Our holiday cottages remain open throughout the year – with Cottages 1,2,3 and 4 joining Low Gale on the new website.