Common Sense and Compassion
Summer Diary 2020

Howtown Summer Diary 2020

It is hard to believe that we are in August already with the hotel just re-opening, although I do think Howtown is looking more beautiful than ever having had beautiful weather and time to spend outside doing those jobs we never seem to get around to doing.

The last few months have seen strange times and have not been without some anxious moments, but we look forward to welcoming new friends and old as the Hotel doors reopen.   It Is lovely to see the guests returning and enjoying Howtown and the surrounding area. David and Mrs B  are of course, as ever, meeting, greeting and welcoming, making sure everything runs as smoothly as it has always done.

Obviously, things are having to be done in a  slightly different way, but we are doing all we can to make our guests stay as enjoyable and tranquil as ever.   With the dining room being used as Mrs B’s own spacious office and breakfast dining area over recent months she has now re-established herself in the small but very productive office.  The dining room has returned to full beauty with the Pewter polished and the dining tables waxed until they gleam.

Colin and the team are keen to see the kitchen back running and have been gearing up with a host of new menu ideas for lunches and dinners served daily.

As throughout the country, as the roads became quieter the lush countryside provided the perfect haven for the often-unseen animals to become more adventurous. The woodpeckers, red squirrels and hedgehogs continue their tireless play in the gardens outside, unaware that their peace and tranquillity is about to come to an end.  The deer have also appeared and sadly taken the first crop of roses as their confidence in entering the Hotel gardens grew, but with such a good natural prune, we are looking forward to seeing an excellent display as our visitors arrive.

Over a cup of tea in the garden, Mrs B remarked on beauty of The Rose Compassion which continues to climb up the Hotel walls. It is fitting that with the limitations and guidelines in place due to Covid_19, we will very much be relying on both common sense and compassion of both staff and visitors here at Howtown, as we endeavour to maintain the traditions and atmosphere which makes the Hotel so special.

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