Winter Diary 2018

With less than one month to go until we re-open for the 2019 season, it seems as though the winter has just flown by and the ‘quiet’ months have been filled with constant tasks as we ensure that all is ready for opening on the 22nd March

From the limbing, tidying and gathering of an abundance wood for the fires, our sense of satisfaction has grown as our stores become full for another year. Chef Colin has enjoyed being able to work outside but has also been spending time in the kitchen, making chutney and rigorously planning new menus. Our gardening team have been working hard trimming, mulching and planting and we have had a team of decorators working in the hotel and the cottages. Time most certainly does not stand still in what some would consider  a sleepy part of the Lake District!

The weather up to the time of writing has been perfect, and the snow, which fell during January gave us some of the most stunning scenery. The red squirrels have been making good use of the feeders we provide and the warm spell in early February has encouraged the gardens to spring to life with the Rhododendron on the back lawn now flowering for the second time this year.

The foundations of Howtown have been built upon relationships and families over the past 120 years. As previous visitors to the Hotel will appreciate, we are not driven by technology but by traditional hospitality and values combined with a passion for our surroundings.

A letter to confirm booking is still a pre-requisite, which is followed up by hand written confirmation from Mrs Baldry. This traditional way of booking by letter may seem odd in this age of technology but here at Howtown we offer no apologies, this is the way we do things; our responses are always considered, putting the visitor’s needs first and appreciating that every request is different.

We do, of course move with the times and wifi is available in the cottages and tearoom, but on the whole we prefer to keep old fashioned values and a ‘face to face’ service believing that this, in combination with the level of comfort, hospitality and fabulous location we offer, is what makes many of our guests return time after time.

As February is about to turn into March we once again look forward to the longer Spring days, the new season and sharing our home with friends old and new.

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