Life in Martindale ~ Summer 2013

Dear Friends

Now well into my third decade at Howtown Hotel, I feel I have the necessary credentials to comment and provide you with an insight into what is a way of life that is cherished by many. From the heart of Liverpool I arrived at Howtown Hotel - The home of the Baldry family. Little did I know that I would learn so much and be accepted into this close-knit Lakeland community.

Here we value our surroundings and traditions and we are always keen to share. To this day I am still learning and evolving. The Baldrys love of Gardening and Hospitality has rubbed off on me. For me "Howtown is like the seasons it cannot be hurried. There is a time and a place for everything and here everything fits perfectly in its place".

The Hotel is the gateway to Martindale and its valleys each one with its own character, with the farming community, hunters, churches, local families and visitors all playing a vital part in valley life. It is my intention, through modern means of communication, to share the valley news, providing an opportunity for visitors, old and new, to be updated - who knows we might get used to this Internet thing!

I look forward to seeing my page grow and mature.

Eddie Kay
Gardener and Bee Keeper of Howtown.